My recent food machine projects:

A few summers ago, I built a BBQ that is connected to twitter. It uses a computer controller to maintain a perfect 225 degrees, and tweets its temperature the whole time….you can follow it, if you want to know when I’m smoking¬†

I am currently working on the next version of the twitter BBQ. It will use RaspberryPi and the HeaterMeter project.

I was also recently obsessed with pizza. I built a wood fired pizza oven that cooks pizza in under 60 seconds. Let’s just say that Arduino controlled burners at 1500 degrees is not exactly what the italians intended.

Once I started working on pizza, I had to work on my beer brewing. The current rig is mostly manual as my brew buddy I and work out the process. The first thing we automated was the fermentation temperature control. This part of the project made an enormous difference in the flavor and head retention on our beers. My goal is to perfect the process and come up with a fully-automated nano-brewery in my garage.

My newest obsession is pastrami. I have been working on a 10 day recipe, and its worth every minute. 7 days in a brine. 7 hours in the smoker. 2 days in a slow cooker. Lets just say it is the most flavorful and tender pastrami I’ve ever had….no I just need to make it even better.